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LaCrosse Super Brush Tuff 1200 gram Wader-Realtree Max-5



LaCrosse Mallard II 1000 gram Wader-Realtree Max-5



LaCrosse Alpha Swampfox Drop Top 600 gram Convertible Wader-Realtree Max-5



LaCrosse AeroHead® 18" Rubber Boot-Realtree Xtra




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Premium Rubber(fooling bullet Pointed) More Pure, natural rubber and less fillers Superior flexibility, durability and comfort Formulated to meet specific end-use needs


Advanced Protectants

Counteract brittleness and cracking effects of the ozone Minimize UV damage and color fading Add tensile strength and increase tear resistance


Hand-Built Quality

Rubber is laid by hand for a more precise fit Overlays Provide stability, support and added durability Vulcanized for 100% waterproof protection in all conditions

Not everyone can design a quality, long-lasting rubber boot. Sure, it all begins with the raw rubber sap from a tree. But thus us where the similarities end. We've spent over a century perfecting our expertise in the manufacturing, engineering and chemistry of rubber boots. We don't guess what out customers need. We live it. The rubber formulas, materials and tread patters we use are chosen because our their unique ability to do the job at hand better then anything else. Our commitment to doing things right is what sets ys part and it results in superior rubber boots that are built to last. Granted., its not the easiest way to make footwear. But its never been about easy. The Heritage of our name and dedicated individuals who wear our boots deserve no less.



Do one thing and do it right. For over a century, thats what we've been doing-making the best rubber boots. Period. Boots that won;t let you down. Boots that know a thing or two about toughness, durability and comfort. Whether for hunting working or tending the land upon which the tread, every LaCrosse boot is built on a simple philosophy; your boots should work as hard as you do. You see, our formulas are developed to produce the highest quality of rubber. Our boot features a more precise fit. And ur performance is relentlessly tested in the lab and on the field. We are 100% committed to our calling. To doing whats right. To making the reliable boots that fit right, flex right and won't crack tear or slip. Boots that perform day in and day out, season after season. Whether on the farm, in the field or around the sob site, our boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Because thats what matters most to us.


Ankle Fit

We designed the original Ankle Fit last to address concerns of the notoriously slipper fit of rubber boots as well to keep them from pulling loose in deep mud. The result is a precise fitting rubber boot that stays put, which means no blisters or chaffing from the foot sliding around and no boot left in the mud with each trading step.


Active fit

An evolution to our traditional ankle fit feature a more athletic and glove like feel in a boot thats easier to get on and off. The neoprene core adds foot-hugging cushion on all round as we as added flexibility to slide the boot on and off. Once its on , the boot delivers a comfortable yet secure fit, which will ho,d the foot in place and prevent chaffing and rubbing while on the move.


ZXT Rubber

Taking the best and making it better, we developed our proprietary ZXT rubber to take our already premium rubber compound and make it stronger and more durable, The result is rubber that is even more ozone and abrasion resistant with incredible tensile and tear strength to keep feet dry and protected in the harshest conditions for the long haul.


Functional Gusset

Our signature guest is added to each pair, by hand, for best-in-class versatility-making the boot easy to roll down when its warm, providing extra room to get in and out of the boot, allowing for pants to be tucked in and accommodation various leg sizes-expanding for larger calves and cinching down for a secure fit around smaller ones.

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