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Looking to stretch your outdoor budget? The waders.com Close-out section is here to help.


Lower price. Not lower quality. The same great service.


Each year manufacturers fine tune their lines, making small tweaks or product improvements. They end up discontinuing models and color options in an attempt to make the best product line possible. Yet sometimes, companies just make more units than they can sell and are left with excess inventory they need to move. That inventory becomes discontinued or "closed-out" by the big Brands and sold to retailers like waders.com at reduced pricing. We then, in turn, pass those saving on to you!

All of these products are brand new, first quality products packed with some of the best features and functions the outdoor industry can build and just as ready to take on the outdoors as you are. They just need to find their way to you.

In addition waders.com has slow sellers or limited sizes and or colors that they need to sell at reduced prices. Those items end up in this section at drastically reduced prices. Our loss is you gain. Save Now!

We don’t deliver to PO Boxes