PEET D'Odoriz'r Module-3 Way Usability


Product Description

Peet® D'Odoriz'r Module-3 Way Usability

Peet® D'Odoriz'r Module uses oxygen molecules that are given an electrical charge creating ozone molecules. A strictly controlled amount of this ozonated air is dispensed inside the footwear. When the molecules come in contact with odor these ozone molecules penetrate and destroy the odor by altering their chemical make up. Stink scientifically altered into no smell.

  • Safe on many material including leather, canvas, rubber, synthetics and high performance fabrics like Gore-Tex
  • Use to destroy footwear odors, attached to Peet dryers to dry and deodorize, and as a stand alone room deodorizer
  • Meets EPA and OSHA standards
  • Uses less than 4 watts of power
  • Works quickly (1-6 hours depending on odor and type of saturation)
  • Designed to be used on 110-120V
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Watts 4














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