Peet� Multi Dryer with Helmet Attachment


Product Description

Peet® Multi Dryer with Helmet Attachment 

Thsi dryer performs double duty by handling two pairs of boots or shoes by using the 4 PEET® DryPorts™. You can also customize this dryer by adding the glove DryPorts™(sold separately) giving you the flexibility to dry your boots and headgear/handgear all at the same time.  The Multi uses gentle thermal convection to dry your gear naturally and makes a great place to store your everyday footwear as it can be safely operated 24/7 with virtually no noise.  

  • Comes with 4 patented PEET® DryPorts™ allowing you to dry 2 pairs of footwear simultaneously
  • Comes with helmet DryPort™ allowing you to dry your headgear
  • Reduces orders caused by moisture causing bacteria
  • Removes virus and mold contaminates that can cause skin irritations
  • Ideal for leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene and all types of modern fabrics
  • Safe to operate 24/7 virtually noise free
  • Warranty 25 years
  • Power 72 watts
  • Made in USA








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