Peet� Ultra Dryer and Deodorizer


Product Description

Peet® Ultra Dryer and Deodorizer

This budget conscious portable boot dryer packs some science into its diminutive structure. Utilizing controlled molecular science, it takes normal oxygen molecules (O2) and gives them a small but powerful, electrical charge. This temporarily creates oxidizing ozone (O3) molecules. When they come in contact with odor and pollution molecules, the O3 penetrates them. The Peet boot dryer destroys bad molecules by altering their chemical make-up.

  • Portable twin dryers and deodorizers fit into any pair of boots or shoes 
  • Safely dries and deodorizes a wide variety of materials including leather, canvas, rubber, synthetics and high performance fabrics like GORE-TEX®
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Watts 12


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