Waders to make the most of your time outdoors

Why do Caddis Waders have such a loyal following? Because they’re designed and built by people who have slogged a mile in your shoes. Whether it’s trudging across peat bogs in Alaska, putting the hours in at the duck blind in December or navigating the algae-slicked rocks of some remote stream bed, the team at Caddis knows exactly what you put your waders through – because they’ve been there too. And they’ve focused in on giving you incredible value with the function by focusing their designers on the key details and durability you need, while passing over the fad features that look good in the store, but bump up the price and add failure points in the field.

Built for every place you passion takes you

No two hunting or fishing experiences are alike. Which is why Caddis offers several different materials and design types to give you the perfect hunting waders and fishing waders for every weather, every location.

We don’t deliver to PO Boxes