Wading Shoes

The Foundation of a better fishing day

It’s a given that you need to put your time in the on the water if you’re going to perfect your cast, master the technique and bring home the trophies. And that means having the most comfortable, capable wading shoes. It’s a lesson the crew at Caddis has learned first hand. And it’s their time on the water that makes them experts at creating truly functional, comfortable wading shoes. Built from the ground up with your angling in mind, Caddis Wading Shoes give you a superior choice in sole materials to suit your needs to perfection:

Classic felt and studded felt soles. Algae slicked rocks and uneven bottoms? No worry with the traditional felt sole. The soft bottom conforms to the most uneven surfaces to maximize contact and give you a secure hold. And for stream beds with heavy pebble concentrations and strewn rocks, the addition of a studded felt sole gives you extra bite for even more confidence.

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