When you live and work around the water as much as the people from Caddis, you develop the deepest understanding of comfort and warmth.  Caddis designers are more than "designers".  They are anglers, hunters and sportsman that spend as much time in the field as they do in the office.  They realize the true value that triplelayer CaddisDry technology brings to our 100% waterproof breathable waders.  They've experienced the importance of perfectly sealed and sewn seams first hand.  They have trudged across Alaskan peat bogs, navigated the slipperiest algae infested rocks and sat in duck blinds all day long in December.

It takes this level of dedication to design the unique innovations you'll find in every Caddis wading product.  When you depend on Caddis, expect your outdoor adventures to last and last and last.

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Caddis Waders are fast becoming the most popular waders around. That means they can manufacture the CaddisDry fabric, neoprene and rubber in huge quantities, at a far lower cost. And since they keep the design simple, with just the core features you require, the end result is a better wader, at a better price. Caddis versatile waders offer top of the line features that make them the best value around. The Caddis reputation and our exceptional adherence to detail along with an exceptional price point will not disappoint.

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Caddis wading boots

Growing concerns over the transfer of invasive species across water bodies and wetlands has prompted several states to pass laws banning felt soled shoes. It's a trend that will likely continue as more states move to adopt laws calling for felt-free wading shoes. Caddis, a worldwide leader in wading innovations, is proud to feature a complete new line of environmentally friendly, felt-free, EcoSmart ll Soles as a featured element of the new Northern Guide collection. The Wading shoe environment is changing and Caddis EcoSmart II is countless steps ahead. These smart new EcoSmart ll soles provide felt-like grip, exceptional support and security without the concern of unintentional transfer of aquatic invasive species. Super-grip replaceable studs can also be added. It's forward-thinking Caddis innovation designed to meet an ever-changing environmental landscape.

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