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Neoprene to breathable Waders—fabric selection made easy

What's the right material? It’s all a matter of the conditions. For the coldest conditions, Neoprene Waders still reign supreme for its stout protection and insulating ability. Available in thicknesses from 3.5mm to 7.0mm it’s ideal for hunting season days in the blind or extreme fishing in weather that keeps another sportsman in the cabin. For the coldest conditions, neoprene with added insulation, like Thinsulate™, makes a huge difference in comfort when the temps plummet.

Breathable waders give up a little in insulating value and absolute durability over neoprene, but as the name implies, are built from waterproof, breathable materials to keep you comfortable during high activity or warmer conditions. Breathable waders also typically give you better mobility and flexibility over neoprene and most breathable waders are sized to allow thicker base layers for cooler conditions. In addition, many makers now pair their breathable fabric with Thinsulate™ or Primaloft® insulation to make insulated breathable waders that can keep up with neoprene in all but the coldest conditions.

For beginners, occasional use, or to keep a spare pair around—rubber, PVC and Canvas waders represent the best budget choices.

The long and short of finding the right height

Chest waders are considered the most capable all-around design allowing you into deeper waters without risk of getting wet. However, the additional coverage can cost you some agility.

For maximum mobility or in waters that move too fast to consider going deep, waist waders can be an ideal solution. You’ll find the faster dressing and increased mobility handy when the fast current is going to keep you from using all the coverage of your slower-dressing chest waders.

Convertible Waders give you the best of chest wader coverage and pant wader mobility thanks to a roll-down top of breathable fabric. The roll-down option is something you really appreciate on hot days that find you in shallow water.

We have hip waders for sale that are an excellent easy-dressing option for quick escapes in shallow conditions.

One more option: Bootie or built-in boot design

Bootfoot wader designs give you the ability to adjust your wading boot style to suit different fishing locations and terrain. Waders with integrated boots give up the tailoring to conditions, but make for faster dressing so you can make the most of quick hunting or fishing escapes on the way to or from work.