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Five Types of Wading Shoes

Five Types of Wading Shoes

Going fly fishing? Whether it’s your first experience or your hundredth time going out, one thing is for certain: you must have a great fly fishing gear. A main part of that is waders. Here are five types of wading shoes that you could wear on your fly fishing trip. 

1. Hunting Waders 

Hunting waders are similar to overalls. The additional benefit is that your wading shoes are attached to hunting waders, making it more of a one-piece gear selection. There are pockets for your gear, reinforced knees and zippered openings. 

2. Frogg Togg Waders

Frogg Togg waders are durable, crafted with uppers made of neoprene. They are also comfortable, because of their midsoles. They feature outsoles that are rubber-cleated as well as toe cap protection. They close with a heavy-duty zipper. 

3. Rubber Boots 

Outdoor rubber boots range from ankle style to hip boots. With these hip boot waders, you can get knee-deep into your fly fishing experience. The rubber shell provides durability and you get added protection with the reinforced knees. 

4. Felt Waders 

Known for providing a really good grip, felt soled wading shoes are popular among traditionalists. However, felt waders have come under scrutiny lately and are even prohibited in some areas. Be sure to check the policy of where you plan to fly fish prior to purchasing to avoid misunderstandings. 

5. Stocking Foot Waders 

These are waders that have heavy-duty socks attached to them. They fit well and give your feet good support. Stocking foot waders are worn under wading boots.

As you can tell from the many types of waders listed above, you will have a nice variety of wading shoes to choose from when you go fly fishing. You may even decide that you want to invest in more than one style. But once you make your choices, you should be set for a while since most waders last for about 3 years, if they are well taken care of. Whatever you decide, your wading shoes will ensure that your fly fishing outfit is exactly what you need to keep your feet comfy so you can have a great time in the great outdoors!