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What do these occupations or organizations have in common?


Forestry Service

Fisheries and Wildlife

Local, State and National Parks and Forests


Industrial and Commercial

Fishing and Hunting Guides

Resort Activities Directors

Adventure Guides

Federal, State and Local Government Agencies


You often work outside, sometimes in or around wetlands, rivers or in harsh or wet conditions.  You want to stay dry, stay warm and safe.  We work with these and more organizations and their representatives to provide reliable, waders, apparel and footwear to make your jobs easier.

For the organization that needs just one pair of boots, to those that are looking for an assortment of products, sizes and styles, we are here to meet your needs.  We can provide quotes and work with your purchaser to tailor the right package for you.  

Our website generally shows availability, but for larger orders we recommend speaking with us so that we can advise on availability, special discounts, tax exempt issues and product selection.


Call us at 1-833-492-3377 or email us at  Please leave a message if we don’t pick up right away.  We pride ourselves on providing transparent and great customer experiences. is a United States based small business.  We have offices in Minnesota.  We are confident that we will build your trust based on our reliability and experience working with all types of organizations.