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Footwear Options for Icy Conditions

Footwear Options for Icy Conditions

Winter is a terrific time to get outdoors, but challenging weather conditions often make enjoying our favorite outdoors activitiesa difficult task. One of the more challenging tasks is finding footwear capable of handling the icy conditions outdoors enthusiasts must contend with during the winter months. Slick and uneven surfaces make traversing unpredictable landscapes one of the primary hurdles outdoor recreationalists must overcome before feeling safe and secure while enjoying their winter activities.

Several manufacturers have addressed this challenge with dedicated footwear that ensure you’ll maintain confidence in your traction no matter the environment and activity. In particular, Korkers has taken the lead by producing specialized footwear that delivers affordable performance for all outdoors enthusiasts. Korkers offer a wide assortment of options to fit each individual’s specific needs based on his or her outdoors activity and footwear preferences. Read on to learn more about Korkers’ various offerings and determine which option is right for you.



Many manufacturers design footwear only for the most hardcore outdoors enthusiasts. As a result, the average person is left wondering what options are available for completing everyday tasks. Korkers recognizes most people don’t need high-end ice cleats to cross errands off the to-do list and safely traverse the parking lot to the office. That’s why they made a point to design a pair of high-quality options the average pedestrian will be pleased to use.

The second commuter cleat top choice for this category is Korkers'BOA Ice Walker. It features a hinged cleat bed that quickly pivots behind the heel when you need to step indoors, and the BOA Fit Dial that allows you to optimize your fit. The BOA Fit Dial is guaranteed for life, and the entire package only weighs 8 ounces per pair for lightweight performance.


Korkers recognizes athletes and exercise enthusiasts need footwear capable of providing sure-footed traction in icy conditions. Many athletes prefer to be outside even during the toughest conditions, so Korkers offers a couple great options to help you stay active even when road surfaces become slick with snow and ice.

For those who like to enjoy regular strolls around the neighborhood, the BOA Ice Walker is again the ideal ice cleat. The BOA Ice Walkers feature 22 lightweight, replaceable steel spikes for simple, reliable traction on snow and ice. Unlike the commuter options, the BOA Ice Walkers have spikes spread out from heel to toe, so you’ll be sure-footed and balanced across all terrain. The BOA Ice Walkers work best with low to mid volume footwear, so your warm weather walking shoes will pair nicely with these ice cleats.

However, some athletes need the ability to effectively and safely run on snow and ice. That’s why Korkers created the BOA Ice Runner ice cleats. The BOA Ice Runners feature the same suite of features as the BOA Ice Walkers, but they have been trimmed down an extra 2 ounces to a measly 8 ounces per pair. As the saying goes, ounces are pounds, and pounds are heavy. After thousands of steps per exercise session, the reduced weight of the BOA Ice Runner ice cleats will be appreciated by athletes who feel the urge to exercise in the most extreme conditions.


Above all else, Korkers takes pride in its extensive lineup of boots. From their Snowmeggedon, to their Snowjackand Icejack Pro, to their Verglas Ridge, to their Polar Vortex options, Korkers is always pushing the envelope in design, comfort, and performance. All of these boot options are 100% waterproof and incorporate varying amounts of Thinsulate™ Insulation.

Most notably, all of the Korkers boot options listed above feature the OmniTrax 3.0 interchangeable sole system. This system allows users to swap soles on the same pair of boots based on the terrain and activity to maximize performance. As far as snow and ice is concerned, the Triple Threat Carbide Spike, Triple Threat Aluminum Bar, and Studded Vibram Idrogrip soles are the best options. These three sole options encourage complete customization with spike, bar, and hex disc traction configurations. The OmniTrax 3.0 interchangeable sole system allows buyers to maximize their investment and minimize the storage space needed by converting the boots’ soles based on changing needs and weather conditions.


However, not everyone wants to buy a brand-new pair of boots just to enjoy their outdoors activities. Korkersunderstands this and designed two different options that allow buyers to use the footwear they already have. Unlike their BOA system, these two options are capable of handling mid to full volume footwear like boots.

The first choice of many ice anglers is Korkers’ brand ice cleats. They're ideal for outdoor shoes and hiking boots that need improved traction on ice and hard packed snow. The 20 multi directional stainless steel sawtooth cleats provide traction no matter which direction force is applied. Meanwhile, the pliable TPR frame contours and flexes with your footwear for seamless integration and comfort.

Finally, the CastTrax Cleated Overshoe is ideal for buyers who want to use the winter boots or rubber boots they already have. The molded rubber walls on the sides, toe, and heel deliver supreme security, and the quick release buckle and strap system is easy to use with gloves. Replaceable spikes are spread across the entire sole for customizable traction and comfort.


As detailed above, Korkers created a thoughtful lineup of options that fills every potential need when it comes to maintaining secure traction on snow and ice. Commuters, athletes, and outdoors enthusiasts of all sorts have an option that can be relied upon for stylish performance. Whether it be heel cleats, active wear, boots, or overshoes, Korkers made a point to deliver a product you can rely upon to keep you upright when snow and ice cover the ground. For safety and security in slippery conditions, Korkers has you covered with a cleat designed to meet your needs.