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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Boots

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Boots

It's easy to make the wrong choice when searching for a new pair of outdoor boots. First you have to know what you're looking for and why. For example, you don't want to choose the best duck waders if you're planning to use them as waterfowl waders. By using some of our simple tips and tricks you can be certain you're choosing the best outdoor boots so you can stay dry, focused, and effective while you're on the go.

The first thing to think about is your purpose. Take a moment to center on your objectives in the outdoors. If you're hunting agile targets, you should take the weight of your boots into consideration. You don't want to choose boots that strain your feet and ankles. Staying comfortable for hours at a time is crucial. If you're wearing hunting boots that stress your feet, you're far more likely to rush and make poor decisions. While heavy boots have their advantages, you should decide whether or not this applicable given your goals, and the terrain.

Terrain is the next thing you should think about when searching for boots or waders. Some hunting boots use extra rubber and materials to provide added durability and sole support. This can be an advantage if you're walking rocky trails, but may also weigh you down if your aim is to stay light on your feet. They also may take more time to wear in. Lighter boots give you the benefits of mobility and comfort, but may not be as able to absorb the demands placed on them in more challenging terrain.

When searching for waders, similar considerations come into play. Thickness is important to your overall productivity in the water. Thickness requirements vary based on the depth and temperature of water. For general warmer weather fly fishing, neoprene fishing waders typically have a 3mm thickness, whereas a 5mm thickness is ideal for cold water. None of these factors should be overlooked, as each one can be a major contributing factor in your success.

Though finding new boots and waders can be time-consuming, it doesn't have to be. You don't want to make an impulse purchase and be uncomfortable all day. It helps to be informed, and to follow our easy guidelines before you commit to one pair over another. Being at your best for your hunting and fishing adventures starts with a strong foundation, and any good outdoorsman knows a strong foundation depends on your feet. By investing in new outdoor boots and waders, you're making a wise decision that will benefit you for years to come.