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How to Find the Best Waterproof Waders for You

How to Find the Best Waterproof Waders for You

With over 30 million licensed anglers in the United States in 2018, fishing remains one of the most popular hobbies in the nation. Whether you’re a veteran of the sport or looking to get in, keeping up with the best equipment is a must. One of the most important pieces of this equipment is good quality waterproof waders.

Wader Shoe Soles

When choosing wading boots and wading shoes, the sole is something few people think to may attention to. However, the type that you get can play a big part in keeping you upright on your next fishing trip.

  • Rubber Soles
    Waterproof waders with rubber soles are similar to a good pair of hiking boots. They offer durability and stability that makes it a great choice for anglers who have to hike to their fishing destination. These types of wader shoes can also make for good gripping against muddy river bottoms and are easy to clean after a long day of casting.
  • Felt Soles
    Felt Soled waders are able to offer superior traction and stability on slippery rocks, debris, and moss. This can help when navigating slick rocky shores or streams with rockier bottoms. The trade-off is that the felt will erode over time and will eventually need replacing sooner than rubber options.

    It is also worth keeping in mind that some states have laws prohibiting felt-soled waterproof waders. This is because they can hold bacteria and invasive species that could cross-contaminate fishing locations. Always check your local laws before purchasing to make sure you can use felt soles in your area.

    The Right Support

    When your out casting a majority of the time you’ll be standing. To help prevent injury, look for waterproof waders that offer foot and ankle support. This can help keep you steady in currents and on slippery rocks. Wading boots should also offer sturdy heels and toe caps to protect your feet from debris and rocks. When trying on waders, make sure your heel is locked to the bottom of the boot and that it’s not coming up with every step. This can increase instability and make it more likely for you to slip.

    Material Options

    Wading boots can come in many styles and materials. Boot style waders are perfect for anglers in unfamiliar rivers where undetected rocks could be an issue. For anglers who know the spot they’ll be fishing at, and if the current is slow-moving with a relatively stable bed, sneaker style wading shoes are an option to consider. Many waders are created from microfibers and leathers that won’t absorb moisture. This enables you to wear them in water without worrying about them weighing you down. Waders can also be coated with water-repellant to further decrease absorption and prolong their lifespans.

    Quality waders are essential for any angler and choosing the type that is best for you can go along way towards ensuring your trip is a success. When looking to buy your next pair of waders, don’t settle for the first pair that comes your way. Consider your fishing locations and what you need most to ensure you get the kind that is right for you.