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It's Fishing Season! Here Are 3 Types Of Waders You Might Need

It's Fishing Season! Here Are 3 Types Of Waders You Might Need

After a long and arduous winter, spring finally seems to be on the horizon. That means fishing season has finally arrived! Although fishing is generally more popular with older generations, people of all ages (and all across the nation!) partake in the sport, either competitively or recreationally; since you undoubtedly want to get out on the water as soon as possible, it's vital that you have the right gear with you. The most important piece of equipment (other than your rod, of course) is your waders. However, there are a few types to choose from. Let's take a look.

    • Bootfoot: These waders offer maximum coverage. They extend from the foot of the fisherman all the way to their chest, and are sealed where the boot meets the wader. While this is convenient in that the angler doesn't have to buy boots separately, bootfoot waders can be bulky and heavier in use. However, they are an excellent choice if you know you're going to be venturing into deeper waters.


    • Stockingfoot: Stockingfoot waders also come up to the angler's chest (some varieties are hip-high), but they possess a neoprene sock rather than a boot on the foot of the wader. Dedicated wading boots need to be purchased separately, but this means that they pack up smaller and lighter. Stockingfoot waders are very popular because they're so easy to get in and out of.


  • Hip Waders: If you know you're going to be fishing in shallow, slow-moving waters, hip waders may be the best choice. They extend from the foot of the angler up to the upper leg, and may or may not come with attached boots. They are preferred for more sedate rivers and for fly fishing in shallow waters because they tend to be comfortable -- if you don't need all that extra, bulky material, don't use it!

Whether you're looking for mens or womens fishing waders, getting the right kind can make or break your fishing trip; after all, being cold and wet for several hours because you bought the wrong kind type can ruin anyone's day. Depending on your needs and the type of catch you're fishing for, you may find that Frogg Toggs waders or Gator wader boots are the best option. Don't be caught off guard on your first day out on the water; do your research ahead of time to ensure you get the best mens or womens fishing waders available.