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Tips to Consider When Choosing Wading Shoes

Tips to Consider When Choosing Wading Shoes

Fishing as a hobby is generally more prevalent with older generations, but more than 60 percent of participants were under 45 in 2017. This means that as the years go by, fishing is becoming a hobby that even younger people are participating in daily. Therefore, it is vital to have enough knowledge about the right attire to wear when fishing, including the boots.

Waders are important when fishing as they have been designed to protect your legs when you move in the water. However, you can end up choosing the wrong waders. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to choose outdoor boots. Here is a guide that gives you things that you should consider when selecting waders' shoes to ensure that you end up with the right pair.

Location of Fishing

The place where your wader shoes will be used is a significant determinant when choosing the right waders. Do you mostly fish in ponds, big open rivers salty waters, or spin creeks? This question helps you choose the right outdoor boots. Choose one that works for that particular location.

Role of the Wading Boots

How you will use your wader is also a thing to consider before purchasing. If you will be hiking before getting to the fishing location, choose outdoor boots that can sustain those two activities. If you will mainly be rowing a boat and fishing, choose lightweight wading boots.

If you will be getting in the water to hunt fish, choose strong hunting waders. Hip waders are effective when hunting as they even protect your trousers from getting wet. Waterproof waders are a plus in this section. Therefore choose outdoor boots that reach on the hips and are waterproof if you are going to hunt in water.

Period of Fishing

If you are buying outdoor boots for a one-time fishing experience, you can get away with any wading shoe type. However, if you are passionate about fishing and you will be taking part in the activity for a long time, you need to buy high-quality outdoor shoes.

The wading shoes should be made from a durable material that can resist the constant barrage of the river. The cycle of being wet and dried every time destroys cheap materials. Look for outdoor boots that have been made using water-repellent synthetic materials. Therefore, it is wise to purchase high-quality wading shoes that can serve you for years without being worn out.


Nothing is as stressing as trying to fish effectively, yet you have the wrong size of outdoor boots. Wading boots ought to be sized one size up from a standard hiking boot. The extra space allows you to fit comfortably in your boots when wearing wading socks.

If you fish in cold waters, you need to add an extra half size up because you will be wearing the thermal or warm socks.

Type of Soles

Two main types of soles are seen in wading boots, and they include rubber and felt soles. If you will be taking a long trek through the woods before getting into the river, choose wading shoes that have rubber soles. These are the soles found in normal hiking boots as they offer traction and sturdiness.

Felt soles usually have an inch layer of felt, which has been attached to the sole allowing the boots to grip slippery rocks well. The felt layer compresses to the shape of the rock, giving better traction when the rocks are wet. Therefore, if you are going to fish in a rocky river, wear outdoor boots that have felt soles.

Another type of sole that is put in some wading boots is the studded or cleated sole. These boots have the normal rubber or felt sole, but they have metal spikes in the toe and heel sections. These outdoor boots are used when serious traction is needed.

Fishing is a hobby that many people enjoy. However, it is not exciting if you are not wearing the right shoes. This guide gives you enough information that will help you choose the right wading shoes.