Learn Why LaCrosse Boots are Not Like the Rest

Do one thing and do it right. For over a century, that's what we've been doing-making the best rubber boots. Period. Boots that won't let you down. Boots that know a thing or two about toughness, durability and comfort. Whether for hunting working or tending the land upon which the tread, every LaCrosse boot is built on a simple philosophy, your boots should work as hard as you do. You see, our formulas are developed to produce the highest quality of rubber. Our boot features a more precise fit. And your performance is relentlessly tested in the lab and on the field. We are 100% committed to our calling. To doing what's right. To making the reliable boots that fit right, flex right and won't crack tear or slip. Boots that perform day in and day out, season after season. Whether on the farm, in the field or around the sob site, our boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Because that's what matters most to us.

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Serving America's hardest working, outdoor-loving feet since 1897

Day in, day out, your feet have to step up to any task, in any weather. And keeping them sure-footed and comfortable through any challenge is the singular focus of every member of the Lacrosse Footwear team.

Built to Work and Hunt and Fish as Hard as You Do

Every LaCrosse boot is built to measure up to your highest expectations of use – and relentlessly tested to deliver top quality in the field. Whether it’s a rubber boot for the job site, LaCrosse waders for the fly fishing trip of a lifetime or scent-eliminating rubber boots to guarantee that trophy elk never knows what hit him, each model is designed to fit right, flex to perfection and resist cracking, tearing and slipping—no matter how challenging the conditions get.

The Seamless Blend of High-Tech Function and Built-to-Last Quality

LaCrosse’s legendary ZXT rubber is an industry revolution: a premium rubber compound perfected to be stronger and more durable than any other plus formulated with amazing ozone and abrasion resistance to stubbornly resist cracking an tearing.

And if the rubber is impressive, the fit is downright unbelievable. Forget sloppy, slipping rubber boots. LaCrosse’s Active Fit ankle fit design uses hugging, holding neoprene to slip on fast and easy, yet give you a secure, non-slip fit that prevents the chaffing and rubbing that lead to blisters while you move. Best of all, Active fit is built into every rubber boot, hybrid neoprene/rubber boot and integrated boot wader so you get comfort no matter the use.

Built to Step up to Your Next Big Challenge

These Realtree rubber boots perform day in and day out, year after year, season after season. No matter if it’s on the farm, on the hunt or hammering away on the job site, every LaCrosse model gives you the freedom to move, the durability that lasts and the comfort to step up to any and every challenge.

While no other footwear name is more associated with the classic rubber boot than LaCrosse, their legendary Burly Rubber Boot and rubber overshoes are only a small part of what the company offers to America’s hard-working, outdoor living feet. LaCrosse offers models to suit nearly any conditions and outside activity – all built to deliver on the LaCrosse promise of quality and a spirit of innovation.

The Original No-Crack Boot

Any outdoorsmen who’s been around long enough will tell you LaCrosse’s exclusive ZXT rubber process was a game changer in the outdoor and work world. Before it, rubber boots were prone to cracking, subject to the ravages of ultraviolet light and all-around delicate. But ZXT sheds the limitation of standard rubber with unparalleled UV, ozone and abrasion resistance to stop cracks before they start plus extra tensile strength for tear resistance that makes the long hike to the blind or trips across the job site worry free.

Never Content to Settle

The restless need to innovate at LaCrosse Boots goes back nearly to it’s beginning. In fact, Arthur S. Funk, son of one of the original founders pioneered the development of neoprene back in the 1900s—and LaCrosse has used this durable, light and insulating product to create several of it’s most popular models including the outdoor favorite LaCrosse Aerohead and LaCrosse Alpha models. These two popular boots use neoprene’s natural stretch and insulating capabilities to create boots that hug the foot for a great, no-slip fit while keeping feet warm all day long.

In addition, LaCrosse pioneered the double and triple insulation concepts with their Iceman™ and Ice King™ boots to give feet incredible insulation for the coldest conditions plus rapid drying times to keep the warming power going day after day, icy slog after icy slog.

Options (and Sizes) for Every Foot in the Family

No foot deserves cold misery. Which is why LaCrosse offers its best-selling models in women’s-specific and youth fits to give everyone the chance to enjoy the best-performing, highest quality boots in the world. Pick a model and pull on the LaCrosse promise with confidence.