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Simms Men's Merino Midweight OTC Socks - Carbon Simms' midweight Merino wool over-the-calf sock. Naturally wicking and odor resistant Cushioning in high-impact areas Over-the-calf height Made ...

So Much More Than a Mere Tube Sock

Straight cotton tube socks might have cut it for gym class, but times have changed. Today’s performance socks feature incredible innovations designed to reduce friction and wick away the moisture that creates blisters plus eliminate the bunching and wrinkling that can do serious damage as you hike miles back into the secluded areas that produce the best hunting and fishing results.

Contoured Shaping

Advanced knitting technology means today’s performance socks are built with a contoured shape that virtually eliminates bunching. This technology means socks can be knit with extra padding in the heel and toe while eliminating unneeded bulk over the top of the foot or under the arch.

No Sag Fit Keeps Your Day From Heading South

True performance socks add extra compression to the knit at the top to stay up through high activity. No sock "creep down" into your waders or boots, means no missing out on the action as you pause to adjust your gear.

Soft, Wicking Merino Wool

No matter how many advancements in textile technology come along, all-natural merino wool still trumps every other fabric for it’s softness and wicking capacity. This wicking action pulls the sweat off the skin to eliminate friction and keep hot spots and blisters from destroying your time out in the field.

Weights for Every Activity and Weather

Performance wool isn’t just for cold days. In its lightest knits, wool’s natural temperature regulating ability keeps your feel cool and moisture free. In thicker, heavier knits, wool‘s moisture wicking pulls moisture off your feet and moves it away from skin to create a warmer more comfortable wearing on cold days.