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How to Determine the Right Wader Size

How to Determine the Right Wader Size

Since you wear waders to stay dry and comfortable during your fishing or hunting outings, you must pay attention to fit as well as the specs. No matter how great a wader is, you will have trouble moving around in it if it does not have the correct dimensions for you. We’ll go over how to determine the right wader size so you can get in the water without issue.

Know Your Measurements

Knowing your body measurements will help you narrow down what size of waders to pick. In other words, you won’t need to do as much guesswork. Get some measuring tape and wrap it around your chest below your arms to gain an idea of the width you will need.  Measure your chest at the broadest point.

Then, measure your inseam, which is the length of your pant legs from the crotch to the bottom of the pant hems. With these measurements, you can compare yourself to the size charts that a wader manufacturer provides to figure out your size. Some charts also include waist and hip measurements, which you can obtain in the same way as you did with the chest on each of those points on your body.

All waders on have a size chart.  Be sure to Always look as a Size 10 for instance can be different even inside the same brand from one product to another.  Always check the waders size chart.

Find Your Foot Size

Thankfully, the size of your feet is measured in the same way as regular footwear, whether you are buying bootfoot waders or separate boots to go with stockingfoot waders. When you are selecting a bootfoot wader, the foot size is the measurement you want to look at first. From there, you can choose between standard waders, slim waders, or stout waders to fit your body. You can choose wader boots for stockingfoot waders the same way you would for any other shoe.

Often with Bootfoot waders, you have one size covering 2 feet sizes.  It's always better to go big over smaller.  If you are a size 10 and the size chart says size 10 covers "9 and 10" but size 11 covers "10 and 11", go with the 11.  Worst case you put on another layer of socks if it's too loose.

Consult the Manufacture's Size Chart

Most manufacturers, like frogg toggs, LaCrosse, Gator WadersCaddis and others have recommended size charts for the waders they manufacture. Please keep in mind these charts tend to be brand specific and don’t apply across all brands. We recommend that you use the brand size charts as a guide. The one important factor as you narrow down your size, is personal fit. How do you like your clothes or boots to fit is important when ordering the size you feel will work best for you. Some prefer to have a fit that is loose fitting and a boot that can accommodate extra pairs of socks. Some prefer a more form fitting garment and boots that may only accommodate one pair of socks. There are many different fit combinations that people prefer in between these two schools of thought. 

Choosing the correct fit of your wader is important. The right fit will enhance the experience and longevity of the wader. Wearing a wader that is too big or too small, will likely cause a bad outdoor experience and reduced range of motion, comfort, and durability has a large and varied selection of waders and rubber boots for sale, so you can find products that are just right for you. Feel free to contact us on our website with any sizing inquiries you have.